Made of iron or steel, a magnet is a type of metal object that attracts other metal objects. A magnet can come in many forms, but the heavy magnets that I remember using in a school science lab looked like this:

magnet magnet

  • Children like to play with magnets.
  • Many people have refrigerator magnets on their refrigerator.
  • Magnets help hold things in place.
  • Magnets attract.
  • The United States is a magnet for people who want to work hard and have a better life.
  • Lakes are magnets for people who like recreation that involves water sports.
  • Las Vegas is a magnet for people who like to gamble.
  • A rock band pulled us into the club like a magnet. (like a magnet = there’s a strong attraction)
  • Regina is attracted to Bob like a magnet.
  • Thai restaurants are like magnets for me. I’m drawn into them by the smell of the delicious food.
  • A magnet school is a type of school that attracts students with particular interests.

The word "magnetic" is an adjective. If something is magnetic, it attracts other things or people.

  • My friend, Gunther, has a magnetic personality.
  • Vanessa has a magnetic smile that attracts people to her.
  • The earth is protected from solar radiation by a giant magnetic field.
  • My whiteboard is magnetic. I can stick metal objects on the board and they won’t fall off.

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Date of publication: February 15, 2017