A person who dozes, enters into a light sleep. This word is often followed by the preposition "off."

  • Jim caught himself dozing off during the meeting.
  • The meeting was so boring he began to doze off.
  • A trucker dozed off at the wheel and went off the road.
  • Don’t doze off. Pay attention!
  • I wasn’t really sleeping. I was just dozing.
  • A dozing student could be heard snoring in the library.
  • The security guard was caught dozing at his desk.
  • Dozing off on the job will get you fired.
  • To prevent himself from going to sleep, Jerry took a couple of No-doze tablets, which kept him awake through the night. (No-doze is an over-the-counter tablet that is taken in order to reduce the chance of going to sleep.)
  • Dozing beneath large umbrellas planted in the sand were several tourists enjoying their final few days of Florida warmth and sunshine.

dozing woman

She’s just dozing off in the chair.

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Date of publication: January 4, 2017