When something is important, it’s necessary, or it’s something that we must pay attention to. It can’t be forgotten; it must be remembered.

(A note regarding pronunciation: im port nt)

The word "important" is an adjective which often goes before or after a noun:

  • I have an important meeting this morning.
  • This is an important game for the team.
  • The students are taking an important exam next week.
  • There was an important announcement on TV.
  • Good health is important.
  • Having loving relationships is important.
  • Your education is important.

important + infinitive

  • It’s important to keep your gas tank filled.
  • It’s important to save money in the bank.
  • It’s important to include vegetables and fruit in your diet.
  • An important thing to remember is your social security number.

Sometimes the word "important" is used to describe a person or a thing of cultural or historical significance:

  • Albert Einstein was an important physicist.
  • He developed some important theories regarding physics.
  • The Beatles were an important group of musicians.
  • Their music is considered important to the history of popular music.
  • The Empire State building is an important building in New York City.
  • Mount Rushmore, which features the faces of four past U.S. Presidents, is an important monument.

The word "importance" is a noun:

  • She’s a woman of some importance to her company.
  • His contributions are of enormous importance to the team.
  • The importance of this report can not be underestimated.

The word "importantly" is an adverb:

  • Having access to quality health care is necessary, but more importantly, people must learn to monitor and maintain their personal health.

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Date of publication: January 9, 2017