A luxury is something that a person doesn’t need, but it’s very nice to have. Luxury is associated with people who are rich, but luxury may be available to anyone who is willing to spend the money for it.

  • My friend, Rhonda, bought a luxury car. She bought a new Tesla.
  • Vince stays at luxury hotels when he travels.
  • Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts are visited by people who can afford this type of luxury.
  • Luxury homes of over a million dollars each are replacing less expensive homes in our neighborhood.
  • Hagen Daz ice cream is a luxury; there are many cheaper brands, but some people want what they consider to be the best ice cream.
  • Most people who live a life of luxury know very little about what it feels like to be poor.
  • Access to clean water should not be be thought of as a luxury, but it is in some parts of the world where clean water is scarce.

The word "luxurious" is an adjective:

  • That woman’s fur coat looks so luxurious.
  • The house is decorated in a luxurious manner.
  • Luxurious homes are found throughout Beverly Hills in California.


A luxury car is nice to have, but it’s not necessary.

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Date of publication: January 12, 2017