North is a direction or location that is opposite of south.

  • Minnesota is located in the north.
  • Canada is north of the United States.
  • As I traveled north on a long distance trip, I noticed the air temperature was dropping.
  • Daylight hours are shorter in the north than in the south during the winter.
  • We’re planning to go up north next summer to WInnipeg.
  • A compass points to the north.


The words "northern" and "northerly" are adjectives:

  • Scandinavia is in northern Europe.
  • Siberia is in northern Russia.
  • Northerly winds brought a mass of cold air to Wisconsin, and this resulted in snow.
  • Our boat drifted in a northerly direction as we were fishing. Winds from the south blew the boat north.
  • You can see the the northern lights if you live in the north.
  • People who live in northern countries dream of going south in the winter.


The word "north" uses an unvoiced "th" sound. If you have trouble forming this sound, click on the link above.

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Date of publication: January 14, 2017