Outrage is anger. Outrage is expressed when people believe that a situation is not fair, or there’s some sort of injustice.

  • Outrage over the results of the election inspired protests around the nation.
  • There’s a certain amount of outrage felt by many people in the country.
  • A woman expressed her outrage in a letter which was published in the op-ed section of the newspaper.
  • Consumers expressed their outrage by refusing to purchase the company’s products.
  • The government’s policies resulted in outrage among the people.
  • This is an outrage!

The word "outrageous" is an adjective.

  • That’s outrageous.
  • People were upset by the man’s outrageous behavior.
  • The man’s behavior was outrageously offensive. (The word "outrageously" is an adverb.)
  • Prices are outrageous at some clothing stores.
  • The restaurant throws away an outrageous amount of food every day.
  • They’re making an outrageous amount of money by overcharging their customers. (They’re making a lot of money.)

a man's outrage

The man expressed his outrage at the meeting.

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Date of publication: January 16, 2017