To rant about something is to complain loudly about it. A person loses his or her temper and speaks at length about something that is causing a problem.

  • What is he ranting about?
  • He’s going off on a rant. (go off on a rant = to speak in anger and at great length on something)
  • Someone videotaped the woman’s rant and put it on YouTube. (The word "rant" is used as a noun in this sentence.)
  • The woman lost her cool and went off on a rant.
  • Melinda went off on a rant when her boyfriend borrowed her car and didn’t tell her he was taking it.
  • The teacher got into a long rant against the students who weren’t listening to her lecture.
  • A customer came into the grocery store ranting about some rotten oranges he had bought earlier.
  • I really don’t want to listen to your rant.

The words "rant" and "rave" are often used together:

  • Everyone is ranting and raving about the traffic situation.
  • From way down the block we could hear a man ranting and raving about something, but we couldn’t make out what it was.
  • You can’t rant and rave about the election results if you didn’t vote.

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