A victim is a person who is hurt by another person or by an organization. Victims are also people who are injured or killed in accidents.

  • Victims of a lethal tornado were laid to rest last week.
  • Hundreds of victims remain beneath their earthquake ravaged homes.
  • Lawyers often contact victims involved in major car accidents.
  • Victims in the crime were not identified because they are minors. (minor = a person under the age of 18)
  • A woman in court claimed to be a victim, having suffered for years from her husband’s mental and physical abuse.
  • The woman refused to admit that she was a victim of the company that caused her paralysis.
  • Some people claim too quickly to be victims in situations where there is no wrongdoing or any evidence of a crime.

The word "victimize" is a verb. It’s usually used in the passive voice.

  • People who feel they were victimized by the company should come forth. (come forth = reveal an identity)
  • Several children were victimized by a man who lives in the neighborhood.
  • Syrian refugees are often victimized by people who promise to escort them to safety.

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Date of publication: January 28, 2017