The word "bald" is an adjective used to describe a person– usually a man–who doesn’t have very much hair on his head.

bald man

  • He’s bald.
  • He started to go bald in his late twenties.
  • He wishes he weren’t bald.
  • He wants to find a product that will reduce his baldness. (The word "baldness" is a noun.)
  • A man who is balding, or going bald, may decide to just shave his entire head.

The word "bald" is also used for things that are lacking a particular surface area.

  • The tires on my car are almost bald. (They have lost almost all of their tread.)
  • It’s not safe to drive on bald tires, especially in the winter.
  • The mountain has several bald spots near the top where there aren’t any trees.
  • To fix some of the bald areas in my yard, I put down grass seed.
  • The bald eagle is a symbol of the United States. (The bird looks like it’s bald, but it isn’t.)

bald eagle

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This page was published on July 2, 2017.