A fan is a device that moves air in order to provide a cooling effect on a thing or a person.

electric fan

Electric fans are useful in circulating air within a hot room.

hand held fans

Hand-held fans can provide individual comfort to a person who needs relief from the heat.

ancient fan

In ancient times, fans were operated by servants for the comfort of rich and powerful people.

The word "fan" is also a shortened form of the word "fanatic," which is a person who admires and is dedicated to a particular cause, person, or organization.

rock fan

Fans of rock and country western music love the performers and the music that they play.

sports fans

Sports fans cheer on their teams and hope for victory whenever their teams are playing. There are football fans, baseball fans, soccer fans, hockey fans, etcetera.


Some fans go to great lengths to show their support. They may even do things that are ridiculous or even dangerous in order to demonstrate their faith in their team.

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This page was published on July 6, 2017.