The word "halt" is very similar to the word "stop," but "halt" is often used in settings involving business or government. Activity comes to a halt or is brought to a halt.

  • Production of the new product came to a halt when the company ran out of money.
  • News of the travel ban brought visits from certain countries to the United States to a halt.
  • Travel from countries like Iran and Somalia was brought to a halt.
  • Everything came to a halt.
  • Trading on the New York Stock Exchange came to a halt due to a computer malfunction.
  • Doctors are trying to halt the spread of a very infectious new virus.
  • The police officer told the fleeing suspect to immediately halt or he would be forced to shoot.
  • The city told a local factory that it was operating illegally and would have to halt all of its manufaturing activities.

haltThe president of the company ordered that all production of its products come to a halt.

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This page was published on July 10, 2017.