Use the word "sick" to talk about an illness, whether the illness is severe or mild:

  • Diego is staying home today because he’s sick.
  • Darnesha looks like she’s sick.
  • Edwin was sick for a long time, but then he recovered.
  • Theresa got sick from too much exposure to radiation.
  • Don’t eat that. It will make you sick.
  • I think I’m getting sick.

sick man He feels sick.

Sometimes we use the word "sick" with the verbs "be" or "get" to indicate that a person has vomited or thrown up:

  • Oscar got sick while riding on a boat.
  • Rachel got sick last night at a party.
  • I think I’m going to be sick.
  • Someone got sick all over the bathroom floor.
  • If you think you’re going to be sick, don’t go to school today.

sick He’s going to get sick.

The word "sicken" is a verb:

  • Several children were sickened by a virus. (This sentence is in the passive voice.)
  • The chicken was contaminated with salmonella and sickened everyone who ate it.
  • HIV sickens people all around the world.
  • I feel sickened at the thought of eating raw meat. (The word "sickened" is an adjective in this sentence.)

The word "sickness" is a noun.

  • Our attendance at school has been affected by sickness.
  • Sickness takes a toll on productivity at that company.
  • The woman is suffering from a sickness of the mind.

The words "sick" and "sickening" can also be used to describe bad behavior or a bad result:

  • That’s sick.
  • He’s got a sick mind.
  • That’s one sick dude.
  • What kind of a sick, twisted person would do that to an animal?
  • That’s sickening.
  • The man’s crime against his family was sickening.
  • It’s really sickening the way everyone at the company sucks up to the boss.
  • It’s truly sickening to see that beautiful old building get demolished.

Recently in American slang, the word "sick" has taken on a new meaning. To say something is sick, may mean that something is impressive, extremely interesting, or cool:

  • That’s sick! (That’s impressive!)
  • That Tesla is sick! (That Tesla is very cool!)
  • This song is sick. (It’s a good song.)
  • Listen to that sick beat.

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July 30, 2017