A uniform is a type of clothing worn by people to show that they belong to an organization. Other people in the organization wear the same type of clothing.

  • Maria goes to a school that requires all students to wear uniforms.
  • Boys and girls wear blue suits with a red tie. Most girls wears skirts, but now girls are also allowed to wear pants if they choose.
uniform girl
  • Maria also plays on a soccer team. When she plays, she wears a uniform to show that she’s part of the team.
soccer uniform
  • Many people wear a uniform at work. People who work at restaurants, hotels, and large stores might be required to wear a uniform.

work uniform

  • People in the military wear uniforms to show their position and rank.


The word "uniform" is also used as an adjective to indicate that things are the same length, quality, color, size, etcetera.

  • These screws are all uniform in type, size, and color.


  • Packaged food is uniform in shape and size when it’s sold in a box or any other type of package. These biscuits are all uniform.



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This page was published on July 24, 2017.