A boom is a loud sound. Explosive devices make this kind of a sound.


  • Fireworks go boom when they are ignited.
  • There was a loud boom that came from a house down the street. It had a gas leak and exploded.
  • The sound of a boom from a large bomb can be felt and heard from a great distance.

The word "boom" is used for other things that make sound or record sound:

boom box

  • A boom box is a large portable stereo.
  • Boom boxes became popular in the 1980s, but they are still in use today.

boom mic

  • A boom microphone is used when recording sound for film or television.
  • He’s holding a boom mic.

There are other uses for the word "boom" that don’t involve sound. Sometimes we use "boom" to describe a sudden expansion.

  • Many cities in the United States are experiencing an economic boom. The sudden emergence of new businesses, new housing, and new infrastructure spending are evidence of a boom.
  • A housing boom often occurs during good economic times. People can afford to buy existing houses or build new ones.
  • A population boom in poor countries can cause housing shortages and put pressure on food supplies.
  • A baby boom in the United States started shortly after World War II and lasted until the early 60s. People born during that time are referred to as baby boomers.

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This page was published on June 2, 2017.