A film is usually something very thin that changes its form depending on conditions. There are a few different kinds of films.

A movie that a person watches at a theater or on TV might be referred to as a film. Light shines through the film to create images. The word "film" is a substitute for the word "movie."

  • What’s your favorite film?
  • Do you like French films?
  • The 400 Blows is a famous French film directed by Francois Truffaut.
  • Recently, a film crew came to our city to shoot a movie.
  • There were working on a film.
  • They filmed several scenes inside a shopping mall.


Before digital cameras and phones were available for taking pictures (photos), everyone used cameras that required film.

  • I bought some film at the drug store.
  • It was 35 millimeter film.
  • I put the film into my camera and took some pictures.
  • I was careful about taking pictures because each roll of film only had 24 exposures.
  • After I shot a roll of film, I took it to the store to be developed. (develop = convert film to photos)
  • I had to wait a day for the film to be developed.

filmThis is a roll of film.

A film can also be a thin substance that forms on objects over time.

  • A layer of film formed over some old leftover food in the refrigerator, so I threw the food away.
  • An oily film appeared on the surface of the lake after the boat sank in the water.
  • Pollution can create a thin film on windows and on concrete which is why some buildings need to be washed regularly.

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This page was published on June 6, 2017.