A patch is a small area or a covering.

  • Strawberries are grown in a patch. These strawberries are in a strawberry patch.
strawberry patch
  • These pumpkins are in a pumpkin patch.
pumpkin patch
  • Cabbages grow in a cabbage patch.
cabbage patch
cabbage patch dolls
  • A shoulder patch is worn on a uniform to signify membership in an organization.
shoulder patch
  • Blue jeans might have patches for the purpose of decoration or repair.
patched pants
  • An eye patch covers a damaged eye or an eye that needs protection.
eye patch
  • A dog or a cat with a dark area over one eye is said to have a patch.
  • She has a black patch over one eye.
  • When a section of a road needs a repair, it’s patched. This is a concrete patch.
patch concrete

The word "patch" can be used as a verb.

simplepastpast participle
  • They patched the road.
  • The road was patched with concrete.
  • She patched the knees on her pants.
  • I patched the holes on the siding of my house where birds were pecking at it.
  • Edgar and Rhonda had a hard time getting along with each other, but then they patched things up and now everything is fine. (To patch things up is an expression which means to repair a damaged relationship.)
  • They patched up their differences.


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This page was published on June 26, 2017.