The word "crew" is usually used when talking about a group of people, usually workers:

  • A work crew showed up outside of our school.
  • An emergency crew went to the scene of an accident.
  • Ned wants to open a new restaurant, but first he needs to find a new crew of employees to work there.
  • Bob works with a very good crew of people at his job.
  • News crews show up at important events and report the news from those locations.
  • A sailor who works on a large ship is part of a crew.
  • A flight crew boards an airplane before the passengers are allowed to board.
  • The pilots and the flight attendants make up the crew.
  • Film crews travel around the word to shoot movies on location.

film crew

film crew

There are a few other ways to use the word "crew."

  • A crew cut is a very short haircut, popular with some men.
crew cut
  • He’s wearing a crew neck sweater.
crew neck
 (Compare that to a v-neck sweater.)v neck

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Date of publication: March 3, 2017