A fight is a form of physical contact or verbal conflict between two people or groups of people. People fight because they feel motivated to take immediate action in order to solve a problem. You can use this word as a verb or as a noun.

In these examples, the word "fight" is a noun:

  • Jose and Renaldo had a fight.
  • They got into a fight.
  • Who won the fight?
  • Have you ever gotten into a fight with someone?
  • Some people get into fights very easily.
  • Sometimes husbands and wives have fights when they disagree.
  • There’s still a lot of fighting going on in Syria.
  • The people in Syria are in a fight to survive.
  • The fight over health care in the United States continues.
  • The fight against tyranny will never end.
  • Jose has cancer. He’s in a fight for his life.


It looks they’re about to get into a fight.

The word "fight" is a very common verb.

simplepastpast participle
  • Our neighbors always fight with each other.
  • During rush hour, commuters fight against the traffic.
  • During the holidays, shoppers have to fight against the crowds in the stores.
  • Men and women who fought in the Iraq War made tremendous sacrifices.
  • People fight for what they believe in.
  • People in the United States fight against injustice found here and around the world.
  • Fight against racism.
  • Fight for human rights.

A person who fights is a fighter. You can use this word for someone who fights professionally, or it can be used for anyone who works very hard to get what he or she wants.

  • Rachel is a fighter. She doesn’t give up easily.
  • Tom is a real fighter. He has a serious illness and he’s doing everything he can to survive.
  • Fighters in wars fought around the world have access to very powerful weapons.
  • Mohammed Ali was a famous boxer. (The word "boxer" is used to describe a professional fighter.)

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This page was published on March 7, 2017.