A legend is a story about a great person or thing. Legends are passed from one generation to another, and in the retelling of the legend, details or events become magnified or exaggerated over time. A legend can be an old story, or it can be about recent activities.

  • The legend of King Arthur of England is well known among students of British history.
  • King Arthur’s defense of England against Saxon invaders in the sixth century is legendary. (The word "legendary" is an adjective.)
  • Abraham Lincoln remains a legend in the United States for his honesty and vision as a leader.
  • Al Capone became a legend among people living in Chicago in the 20s and 30s, even though he was a ruthless gangster.
  • Many sports fans consider the basketball player Michael Jordan a legend.
  • He became a legend in his own time.
  • Successful gladiators became legends during Roman times.

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This page was published on March 24, 2017.