Meat is the fleshy muscle of an animal which is eaten by other animals.

  • Meat is a source of protein.
  • Human beings and animals both like to eat meat.
  • People who don’t eat meat are vegetarians.
  • The meat from a cow is called beef.
  • If your doctor tells you to cut back on red meat, red meat is beef.
  • The meat from a pig is called pork.
  • The meat from a chicken is called chicken.
  • Some people don’t consider fish to be meat, but it is still a type of meat.
  • You can buy processed meat from a deli. (deli = delicatessen; a place that sells prepared food.)
  • Ham, salami, and sliced turkey are popular forms of lunch meat for sandwiches.
  • Spam is processed meat that comes in a can.
  • A butcher is a person who works in the meat department of a grocery store.
  • Do you like to eat meat? What kind of meat do you like?

man buying meat

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This page was published on March 27, 2017.