We use the word "brilliant" to say that a thing or a person is very, very smart.

  • Gustav is a brilliant professor of history.
  • This new theory about quantum physics is really brilliant.
  • Without the brilliant minds at our company, we would never have achieved such success.
  • Marlon Brando was a brilliant actor. Some of his performances were absolutely brilliant.
  • That’s really brilliant.
  • That’s a brilliant idea!

The word "brilliant" is also used when something is very bright:

  • The sun is brilliant today.
  • Those colors are really brilliant.
  • Sophia is showing off a brilliant diamond necklace.
  • The garden provides a brilliant display of color at the entrance to the building.

The word "brilliance" is a noun:

  • Alfred Einstein was well known for his brilliance.
  • Esther’s brilliance in math is known to everyone at the school.
  • What brilliance!

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This page was published on May 8, 2017.