To damage something is to reduce its value. The original condition has been changed in a negative way. Similar words are ruin, wreck, and destroy. The word "damage" can be used as a noun, a verb, and as an adjective to describe big and small problems.

  • There’s some damage to my car. (noun)
  • Someone damaged my car. (verb)
  • My car has a damaged headlight. (adjective)
  • Look at all the damage done by the tornado. (noun)
  • The tornado damaged several buildings. (verb)
  • Several buildings are so damaged that they will have to come down. (adjective)
  • The man has done a lot of damage to his reputation. (noun)
  • He damaged his own reputation by being careless and arrogant. (verb)
  • A damaged reputation is hard to repair. (adjective)
  • This couch has a little damage on the arm. (noun)
  • The couch was damaged when we moved it. (verb)
  • Most people learn to live with damaged furniture. (adjective)

damaged keyboard

His keyboard got wet. Now it’s damaged.

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This page was published on May 13, 2017.