To appear is to be visible or show up. You can use this word when talking about your perception of things whether that perception is accurate or not:

  • Bob appears to be angry. (This is an opinion based on observation.)
  • Sara appears to be concerned about something. What’s the matter?
  • The rabbit in our backyard appears to have found a mate. (But that observation could be incorrect.)

We also use the word "appear" when people go to an event or go to a place.

  • The guests who appeared at the wedding brought wedding gifts.
  • Thousands of people suddenly appeared on the country’s boarder hungry and tired after fleeing from the conflict.
  • Brittany Spears is appearing on stage tonight in Las Vegas.
  • The rock group, Wilco, will be appearing in our city next week.
  • What time will the band appear?

Use the word "appear" when noticing changes for an account or on the internet:

  • My check has not yet appeared in my account. (This sentence is in the present perfect tense.)
  • Charges to the credit card won’t appear until tomorrow.
  • The website doesn’t fully appear on a mobile device. It’s better to view it on a desktop computer.

When "appear" is used as a noun it becomes appearance.

  • A very famous singer is going to make an appearance at a local shopping mall.
  • When is she going to make an appearance?
  • The president doesn’t like to make public appearances because he is so disliked by the citizenry.
  • Due to an illness, the performer canceled all of her appearances for the month of November.
  • The man hard a hard time finding a job because of his appearance.
  • Tom spends a lot of time working on his appearance before he goes anywhere.
  • Ophelia is very conscious of her appearance.

appear magician

A magician can make things appear and disappear.

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November 18, 2017