The word "candy" is a noncount noun used for food that is mostly made of some kind of sugar.

  • I have three pieces of candy.
  • There was a lot of candy given out last night during Halloween.
  • Candy is bad for your teeth.
  • Hard candy is especially bad for your teeth.
  • It’s not good to eat too much candy.
  • What kind of candy do you like?
  • Kids love candy!
  • Here’s an assortment of candy. (assortment = many different kinds)


Here’s an assortment of candy.

The word "candy" is also used in compound nouns:

  • A Snickers is a candy bar.
  • We bought a bag of Twix candy bars and gave them out to kids who were trick-or-treating last night.
  • During Christmas time, many people like to decorate their homes or their Christmas trees with candy canes.
  • Candy Crush is a popular app for your phone.
  • Candy stores sell only candy.

The word "candy" may be used in the plural form, but just remember that most people use it as a singular, noncount noun:

  • Candies and sweets are popular around the holidays.
  • There’s a store at our local mall that imports candies from all around the world.

November 1, 2017