The word "senior" is used to indicate a person who is older or in a position of authority.

  • Julia and Tom are married. Julia is 50 years old. Tom is 40 years old. Julia is ten years his senior.
  • Our town has a junior high school and a senior high school. The junior high school is for kids in the seventh and eighth grades. The senior high school is for kids in ninth through twelfth grade.
  • A senior citizen is anyone over the age of 65.
  • Senior citizen discounts may be given to a person who is 55 or even younger. (You pay less for something because you are older.)
  • Senior housing is available for people who need assistance as they become elderly.
  • While watching the news, I listened to a senior officer at the space agency gave reporters a detailed overview of its current mission. (The officer has been with the agency for a long time.)
  • The senior senator from Minnesota is Amy Klobuchar. Al Franken is the junior senator.

The word "seniority" is a noun. It’s used when comparing ages or lengths of time given to service at an organization.

  • Roger has seniority over the other members of his department.
  • Our company uses a seniority list when considering how to lay off workers during a recession.
  • A teacher’s position at a school is secure depending on his or her level of seniority. The longer she’s there, the greater her job security.
  • A person who is at the top of a seniority list has been with an organization longer than the people who are at the bottom of the seniority list.


Many senior citizens try to stay active

in order to maintain their health.

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November 13, 2017