The word "furniture" is a noncount noun that refers to tables, chairs, couches, dressers, desks, beds, etcetera. Because "furniture" is a noncount noun, it’s always singular.

  • There is a lot of furniture in Tom’s house.
  • How much furniture is in your house?
  • Sarah needs to move some furniture inside her apartment.
  • When we need to get new furniture, we go to a furniture store.
  • Ikea is a popular place to buy new furniture.
  • Many Americans like antique furniture.
  • We bought a nice piece of furniture from an antique dealer. He sold us a 200-year-old desk.


He hurt his back while trying to move some furniture.

The word "furnish" is a verb. To furnish is to provide something, whether its furniture or something else.

  • Charles and Camille furnished their apartment with things they found at a resale store.
  • The house we visited last weekend was very nicely furnished. (This sentence is in the passive voice.)
  • The hotel furnishes its guests with everything that they need for a relaxing stay.