Directions: Choose the best word to complete each sentence or question.

wag   wage   wagon  wait   wardrobe   waste   weep   weird  whack   which   whiff   win   wink   wipe   wise   womb   women     worn   worth   wreck  

1.  Isn’t it ____________ to see a foot of snow on the ground in mid-April?

2. We got a strong ___________ of a dead skunk while driving on the highway.

3. Dave and George ____________ too much of their time playing video games.

4. It’s hard to decide ___________ college to choose when the choices are all so good.

5. Cindy became a nervous ____________ when her cat disappeared.

6. Waiting to get married until they both had good jobs was a ____________ decision.

7. When the tires on a car are badly ___________, they must be replaced.

8. Dogs ___________ their tails when they are happy or excited.

9. The woman began to ___________ uncontrollably when she learned her mother had died.

10. Jeffrey used a mop to ____________ up a jar of mayonnaise dropped by a customer.

11. Lawyers need a nice ____________ because they want to impress their clients.

12. We were told there would be a 40-minute ___________ for a table at the restaurant.

13. One of the children was disciplined for using a plastic bat to ___________ another child on the head.

14. Fifteen dollars is the hourly ____________ that some fast-food workers hope to get.

15. Do you think your old car is ____________ keeping, or do you want to sell it?

16. Working together, the girls completed their project in the ___________ of an eye.

17. Lucinda says she can feel her baby kicking around inside her ____________.

18. A little red ____________ was a popular toy to have when I was a kid.

19. The team is hoping to ____________ its next three games on the road.

20. A brassiere is a type of undergarment worn by _____________.

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Answers: 1. weird; 2. whiff; 3. waste; 4. which; 5. wreck; 6. wise; 7. worn; 8. wag; 9. weep; 10. wipe; 11. wardrobe; 12. wait; 13. whack; 14. wage; 15. worth; 16. wink; 17. womb; 18. wagon; 19. win; 20. women


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