The word "affection" is a noun used when a person likes a thing or another person.

  • Charles has a great deal of affection for his children.
  • Martha can’t hide her affection for a male coworker.
  • The people of our state have an affection for cold weather.
  • Don’s affection for pizza shows up on his waistline. (He loves pizza too much!)
  • Some people feel very uncomfortable with public displays of affection (also referred to by the abbreviation PDA).
  • The employees at that company have very little affection for the owner of the business.
  • Dogs and cats show affection for their owners.
  • Affection can be shown through a kiss or a hug.


The word "affectionate" is an adjective.

  • I have a cat that’s very affectionate. She sits by us and purrs all the time.
  • Vanessa is a very affectionate wife, but her husband, Tom, doesn’t return her affection.
  • Tiffany is a very affectionate little girl.

The word "affectionately" is an adverb.

  • George Washington is affectionately known as the father of our country.
  • Diedre affectionately calls her father "pop."
  • People may affectionately recall uncomfortable adolescent experiences once they become adults.

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April 1, 2018