There are a few different ways to use the noun "club."

  • When playing golf, a player uses a golf club to hit a golf ball.
  • Golf clubs are kept in a golf bag.
  • There are various club lengths and sizes for playing golf.
golf clubs
  • Some golfers join a golf club.
  • Membership at a golf club is very expensive!
  • Children sometimes form their own clubs and build clubhouses.
  • Adults form clubs around a common interest.
  • A club is also something that human beings once used as weapons or for self defense.
cave man

There are a few expressions that use the word "club."

  • Welcome to the club! (You are experiencing a situation that is similar to that faced by other people.)
  • Join the club. (Same as above.)
  • The men in the office are part of a tightly knit boys’ club. (boys’ club = a group of men who hold power in an organization.)

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April 3, 2018