The word "toast" is a noun that is used for a few different reasons.

When bread is heated in some type of oven or a machine called a toaster, it becomes toast.

There are several pieces of toast on the plate.

toast  toast

Here in the United States, eggs and toast are very popular for breakfast.

french toast French toast

French toast is also popular. To make French toast, a piece of bread is soaked in an egg batter and fried. Many people like to put syrup or powdered sugar on their French toast.

toast a toast

When honoring someone at a gathering of people for a ceremony, it’s very common for a toast to be made.

glasses clink glasses

When the toast is made, someone says nice things about the person who is being honored, and then the people who are present touch the rims of their glasses (clink!) with others before drinking whatever beverage is in the glass–usually wine or champagne.


The word "toast" can be used as a verb:

  • The guests at the party toasted the person who was being recognized for his work.
  • When Dave took his family camping, they toasted marshmallows over a fire and then ate the marshmallows once they were hot.

fire a fire

The word "toasty" is an adjective. When a fire or some other source of heat provides warm comfort, a person can feel toasty or toasty warm.

Finally, the word "toast" may be used as an adjective when there is a problem or when a person is in trouble:

  • If I come home late, I’m toast.
  • This car is toast. I can’t drive it any longer.
  • If you don’t do well on this upcoming test, you’re toast.

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April 18, 2018