A person who feels uneasy feels uncomfortable or nervous about something or someone.

  • I feel uneasy about this.
  • You look uneasy. What’s wrong?
  • Dave says he feels uneasy about having to travel by air.
  • Vanessa told me she’s uneasy around people who are well educated.
  • Maria told the doctor she felt very uneasy about a pain she’s been having in her stomach.
  • There’s this strange man who lives down the street. He makes everyone uneasy because he’s loud and he’s kind of mean.
  • Albert gets uneasy whenever a police car is directly behind his car.
  • The police make some people feel a little uneasy.
  • Bruce feels uneasy whenever he has to talk to his boss about something.

uneasy Bruce is uneasy.

The words "uneasiness" and "unease" are nouns.

  • I’m feeling some unease.
  • I wish this feeling of unease would just go away.
  • After we paid off all of our credit cards, our uneasiness over our debt disappeared.
  • A feeling of unease quickly spread over the crowd when a man walked into the auditorium carrying a gun.
  • There’s some uneasiness felt among people who travel to countries where the crime rate is high.