Foam is a substance produced by some kind of liquid that forms bubbles. Foam is commonly found in natural areas where there is a lot of water. It’s also found in some cleaning products and in certain types of drinks such as beer:

foamy beer

  • Beer foams when it is poured into a glass. (This sentence uses "foam" as a verb.)
  • Beer develops a head of foam after it is poured into a glass. (This sentence uses "foam" as a noun.)
  • Beer can be too foamy if it isn’t poured properly. (This sentence uses "foamy" as an adjective.)
  • Coca-cola foams when it’s poured over ice.
  • We noticed there was a lot of foam along the shoreline when we sent swimming yesterday.
  • When water rolls in along the shoreline from the ocean or from a large lake, it looks like it’s foaming.
  • If you spray water into a container that has a lot of soap, foam will form on the surface of the water.
  • If a dog is foaming at the mouth, it might be really sick.
  • If a person is foaming at the mouth, he or she might be really angry or crazy. ("Foaming at the mouth" is a figure or speech used for people who are very mad. They’re really isn’t foam coming from the mouth.)

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August 6, 2018