Salt is a type of mineral that provides flavoring for food. It’s used in food preservation, baking, and cooking. Most animals crave salt because it’s an essential nutrient in their diet.

chef The chef added more salt to the soup.

  • The chef made soup, but it needed more salt.
  • He added salt to the soup.
  • Many people like pretzels because they have a lot of salt.
  • Pretzels are salty. (The word "salty" is an adjective.)
  • Pretzels are known for their saltiness. (The word "saltiness" is a noun.)
  • People with high blood pressure are told by their doctors to cut back on salt.
  • It’s not good to eat too much salt.
  • Popcorn is salted.
  • I salted my popcorn. (I put salt on my popcorn.)
  • Meat is often salted.
  • Meat usually tastes better when it is salted.
  • You can use a salt shaker to put salt on something.
  • Most people have salt and pepper shakers in their kitchen or dining room.
  • Salt is put onto frozen roadways to help prevent the buildup of ice.
  • Salt helps to melt the ice.
  • The world’s oceans are salty.
  • Don’t drink salt water.

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August 21, 2018