The lid of something is the removable top that keeps liquids or solids from spilling out of a container. Lids keep food fresh, and they help maintain temperatures.

  • A lid keeps trash contained within a trash can.
trash can lid
  • A lid for food keeps the food warm or the lid keeps food fresh.
lid for food
  • The lid on a cup of coffee keeps hot coffee from spilling onto your hands.
coffee cup lid
  • By putting a lid on a pot while cooking, the food heats up faster and doesn’t lose as much heat.
lid for a pot
  • Beer steins have lids. They keep flies and other things away from the beer that’s inside the stein.
lid beer stein

There are some popular expressions that include the word "lid."

  • A person who flips his lid, gets very mad.
  • To keep a lid on information is to keep it secret.
  • If you take the lid off of an investigation, the information is revealed.

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December 10, 2018