A policy is a guideline or a rule. Governments, businesses, schools, and even individual people have policies.

  • Our school policy in regards to bullying is zero tolerance.
  • It’s not our policy to ignore bullying.
  • It’s the policy of the city council to allow citizens to speak at public meetings.
  • Policies addressing racial discrimination help to reduce injustice and unfairness.
  • Policies and procedures are listed on websites.
  • A link to the privacy policy is found on each page of this website.
  • Privacy policies have become increasingly important for users of the internet and mobile technology.
  • Many people working in government today have very little experience in foreign policy.
  • The current U.S. government’s policy on environmental regulation reverses the policies enacted by the Obama administration.

smoke in washington

 U.S. policy towards climate change has changed in the last two years.

The word "policy" is also used for agreements with insurance companies.

  • I renewed the insurance policy for my car.
  • People who work for insurance companies sell insurance policies.
  • A life insurance policy will pay money to the family of someone who dies prematurely (early).

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December 7, 2018