The word "shore" refers to an area where the water meets the land along a lake or an ocean.

  • It’s relaxing to listen to waves as they crash against the shore.
  • Vacationers stay at hotels located on the shore.
  • Beaches line the shores of most tourist destinations located on oceans.
  • You can find sea shells if you walk along the shore.
  • When I go to the lake in the summer, I see many people fishing from the shore.
  • Sometimes garbage from the ocean washes up on the shore.
  • A strong Tsunami or hurricane can wipe away the shoreline very quickly. (shoreline = shore)

shore the shore

The verb phrase "shore up" means to improve, support, or strengthen:

  • It’s necessary to shore up your saving accounts before retiring.
  • The side of the building began to buckle, so workers temporarily shored it up with plywood.
  • The U.S. needs to shore up its alliances with countries in Europe.
  • It’s important to shore up personal relationships with regular contact as time goes by.

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December 18, 2018