If a person is deaf, he or she has a physical condition that prevents that person from being able to hear.

  • I know someone who has been deaf since birth.
  • Some people go deaf as they become elderly.
  • In some cases, a hearing aid can help a person who is going deaf.
  • A person can also go deaf due to an occupation that, over time, exposes the ear drum to sounds that are too loud.
  • People who are deaf can use sign language in order to communicate.

people communicating with sign language They’re using sign language.

The word "deaf" is often used to exaggerate a situation in which sounds are very loud.

  • The concert was so loud it left the audience deaf.
  • The audience was deafened by the loud music. (In this sentence, the word "deafened" is a verb: deafen / deafened.)
  • Turn down that music! You’re going to go deaf!
  • You don’t have to shout. I’m not deaf.

The expression "fall on deaf ears" means that a person doesn’t pay attention to a message or an idea:

  • When speaking about the dangers of climate change, factual information, science, and statistics fall on deaf ears among those who don’t believe that human beings can have an impact on the climate.
  • The doctor warned Elroy to watch his weight, but the doctor’s advice fell on deaf ears.
  • The teacher emphasized to his students the importance of doing well in school; however, the teacher’s words fell on deaf ears.

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February 5, 2018