Heaven is generally known as a place that a person’s soul goes to after death. According to most of the world’s religions, a person has to lead a virtuous, moral life in order to enter heaven.

  • It’s believed that God lives in heaven.
  • What do you think heaven might be like?
  • In the Bible, a description of heaven is found in Revelation 21.
  • According to the Quran, heaven is a beautiful garden reserved for believers in Allah.
  • Angels are found in heaven.
  • I’m not in any hurry to get to heaven.
  • Wicked people are not allowed into heaven.
  • For those who have lead an immoral life full of despicably bad behavior, the opposite of heaven is hell.


The word "heaven" is often used when talking about good experiences here on earth. In this case, the word "heaven" is used figuratively:

  • Florida looks like heaven to travelers from the frozen midwest.
  • The resort that we went to last year was a heaven on earth.
  • I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
  • Apple pie smells heavenly.

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Published on February 12, 2018