A purpose is a reason for doing something, or it’s the reason that someone or something exists. The verb "serve" is often used with "purpose."

  • What purpose does a good education serve?
  • Does it serve any purpose?
  • The purpose of a good education is to prepare a young person for the demands of daily life.
  • What is the purpose for a car?
  • What purpose does it serve?
  • The purpose of a car is for traveling or commuting to work.
  • What is the purpose for learning a new language?
  • Does learning a new language serve any purpose?
  • To improve communications with a person from a different country or culture is the purpose of learning a new language.
  • Does it serve any purpose to get married?
  • What is the purpose of a wedding?
  • The purpose of a wedding is to unite two people of different families in a ceremony that deepens their commitment to each other.
  • When I arrived in Paris, an officer at the airport asked me about the purpose for my visit.
  • Some people choose to become more involved in their religion because of the sense of purpose that it provides.

contract What is the purpose of a contract?

The preposition "on" is used before the word "purpose" when indicating an intentional action:

  • The young man smashed his car into a mailbox on purpose. (He tried to do it. Why did he do that?)
  • Releasing all of the ducks from their cages was done on purpose by someone who loves ducks.
  • Did you do that on purpose?

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February 21, 2018