The word "resist" is used when someone decides not to do something.

  • It’s hard to resist when it comes to chocolate cake.
  • Another piece of pizza? I can’t resist!
  • Sheila could not resist a good job offer that required her to move from her hometown.
  • The police officer told the suspect not to resist his arrest.
  • You should resist an offer to make easy money because there’s usually a catch. (a catch = something negative)
  • You should resist any temptation that could result in trouble.
  • Anthony resisted an offer to join a gang, knowing that it would cause problems for him later on.
  • Sarah resisted posting a negative comment on a Facebook page, realizing that the comment she wanted to post was mean.
  • Rabbits resist being captured.
  • Fish resist being caught.
  • People naturally resist when they know something is wrong.

The word "resistance" is a noun.

  • There is a nation-wide resistance to government inaction on gun control.
  • An organized resistance to police brutality has helped improve community relations between the police and the public.
  • The opposite of resistance is cooperation.

resisting The woman offered as much resistance as possible to avoid being eaten by the monster. Eventually, her life was spared.

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February 22, 2018