A crook is a person who steals.

  • Crooks entered the building and stole some computers and other equipment from the offices.
  • A crook made off with some valuable jewelry from a jewelry store. (make off with = steal)
  • A man who worked in the finance department was accused of being a crook.
  • Nathan says that he doesn’t like to pay taxes because people who work in government are crooks.
  • Everyone thought the CEO of the company was doing a good job, but then he turned out to be a crook.

The word "crooked" is an adjective. This word is often used for people in power who misuse their position and their power to do something illegal.

  • A crooked police officer was caught taking bribes.
  • A crooked judge helped a friend of his get out of jail.
  • A crooked lawyer was able to get himself out of jail.
  • The manager of a local bank went to jail because he made some crooked deals.

crook The manager of the bank turned out to be a crook.

The word "crooked" also means that something is not straight.

  • The painting hanging on the wall is crooked.
  • The lines painted on the street were crooked and had to be repainted.
  • Molly went to a plastic surgeon who straightened out her crooked nose.

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January 3, 2018