Use the word "large" when something is big:

  • A watermelon is very large compared to an apple.
  • A truck is larger than a car.
  • Sometimes schools are closed when a large amount of snow falls.
  • Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.
  • We had three large pizzas delivered to our house last night.
  • Large crowds gather to watch sporting events.
  • The Superbowl attracts the largest TV audience of the year.
  • A large number of people will watch the game.


This truck is carrying three large kegs.

When the word "largely" is used as an adjective, it’s similar to "mostly" or "in large part."

  • The event was largely successful.
  • VHS tape players are largely obsolete.
  • The deadline for filing taxes goes by largely unnoticed by those who file their taxes early.
  • Wikipedia is funded largely by people who make donations to its continued operation.

When someone or something is "at large," it has escaped or it’s free to do what it wants to do.

  • There’s a coyote at large in our neighborhood.
  • The police are looking for a suspect at large.
  • I spent a few years as a student at large at a university because I didn’t want to pay the graduate-student rate for tuition.
  • There are several artists at large within our community.