Use the word "vital" as an adjective for conditions that are extremely important or necessary, especially conditions that are related to the functioning of a person’s body.

  • The heart is a vital organ.
  • The liver is also a vital organ.
  • Vital signs include your pulse, heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature.
  • When you are admitted to a hospital, your nurses and doctors check your vital signs.
  • It’s vital that countries learn to work together in order to ensure peace around the world.
  • It’s vital to the future of our company that we find new sources of revenue.
  • It’s absolutely vital that we pay attention to how human activities affect life on Earth.

The word "vitality" is a noun that refers to a person’s level of energy.

  • Camila Cabello possesses tremendous vitality as expressed through her singing and dancing.
  • There’s great vitality in modern architecture.
  • Olympic athletes are known for their strength and vitality.
  • Soccer players who lack vitality on the field might not get to play very often.

energy drink Some people believe their vitality can be restored by consuming energy drinks.

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Published on January 29, 2018