To warn is to tell someone of danger or consequences for some sort of action. The word "warn" is a verb:

simplepastpast participle
  • The teacher warned the student that he would get a detention if he continued misbehaving. (detention = after school punishment)
  • The police officer warned the motorist that she could get a ticket for a broken tail light.
  • Don’t do that! I’m warning you!
  • We were warned not to enter the building because it was unsafe.
  • A meteorologist on television warned us of an impending snow storm, but it never came.
  • The car I drive warns me when I get too close to another car.
  • A heart monitor warns of problems with a person’s heart.

The word "warning" is a noun:

  • The police officer let the motorist off with a warning. (to let someone off = to allow to go without a consequence)
  • Martha gave her son a warning when he came home late.
  • The teacher gave the student a warning.
  • This is your final warning.
  • The national weather service issued a warning for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in our area.
  • Warning lights and a guard rail indicate when a train is crossing the road.
  • A warning light on the dashboard of your car can tell you if you are low on gas or oil.

warning The sign warns people not to surf in this area.

Published on January 31, 2018