A boat is used for traveling on water. Boats are necessary for many types of commercial and recreational activities.

  • A boat floats on the water.
  • If a boat doesn’t float, it sinks. (sink = go down)
  • It’s fun to be on a boat.
floating boat
  • Many people go fishing on a boat.
  • Oars and paddle are used to move a boat by hand.
  • A sailboat moves by the power of the wind.
  • A motorboat or speedboat has an engine.
motor boat
  • A raft is a small boat used for recreation and in case of an emergency.
  • A ship or a yacht is a very, very large boat.
  • A tugboat pulls other boats, both larger and smaller.
  • A person who works on a boat is called a sailor.

Many people like to go boating. The word "boating" is a gerund in the following examples:

  • It’s fun to go boating in the summer.
  • Boating is a popular activity on large lakes in Wisconsin and Minnesota.
  • Sail boating requires a little practice, but it’s really fun.
  • If you want to go boating, you can rent a boat or buy one.

There are many expressions that are related to or originate from spending time on a boat:

  • Don’t rock the boat. (Don’t cause problems with the established order of things.)
  • He’s fresh off the boat. (He just arrived from another country.)
  • We’re all in the same boat. (We are all having the same experience.)
  • Don’t miss the boat. (Don’t miss this opportunity.)
  • Whatever floats your boat. (It’s okay to enjoy whatever makes you happy.)

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June 3, 2018