An example is some type of evidence or support to show that something exists, or it helps to demonstrate a point of view. An example also shows how to do a type of activity.

  • The teacher asked the students to give her examples of situations that they thought were unfair.
  • When Rodney wrote his essay, he was sure to include several examples to support his thesis.
  • I’m not sure what this word means. Can you give me an example of how it’s used?
  • There are many good examples of 1920s architecture in this neighborhood.
  • An artist showed us some examples of his work.
  • In Emily Dickinson’s poetry, a student can find many examples of personification.
  • A good leader leads by example.
  • Tom tries to set an example for his kids.
  • When asked for an example of when the man lied, it was easy to find several hundred instances of lying.
  • What kind of an example is that to set for young people? (This question is often asked when questioning a person’s pubic behavior.)

examples of drawings

 The teacher provided her students with several examples of how a hand can be drawn.

The word "exemplify" is a verb:

  • The woman exemplifies what a good mother should do for her children.
  • This author’s technique perfectly exemplifies how to develop a main character in a novel.
  • The soldier exemplified courage under fire as he and his fellow soldiers were attacked by the enemy.

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June 6, 2018