Gold is a very popular and valuable metal all over the world.

  • Gold is a precious metal. (precious = rare and valuable)
  • Many people own gold in the form of jewelry.
  • Gold wedding rings are made with gold, but they are probably not solid gold. (solid gold = 100% gold)
  • Olympic medals have some gold in them.
  • The price of gold today is at $1300 per ounce.
  • Gold was once used as a common form of currency.
  • Nowadays, gold is less popular as people prefer currency in the form of paper or digital currency. (currency = money)

gold coins gold coins

gold watch

  • A gold pocket watch was once a man’s prized possession.
  • Gold watches are still given as gifts when people retire from their jobs.

golden retriever

  • A golden retriever is a popular breed of dog.
  • The fur of a golden retriever looks gold. (The word "golden" is an adjective.)


  • A goldfish is a popular pet for children.
  • It’s not very difficult to take care of a goldfish.
  • A goldfish is often kept in a goldfish bowl.

The words "gold" or "golden" are found in some compound nouns and in some expressions.

  • A gold rush is a sudden opportunity to make money.
  • A gold digger is a person who marries another person solely for access to his or her money.
  • Your golden years are those years that you spend in your retirement or when you are elderly.
  • If something is as good as gold, it has a high value.
  • I have an idea that is as good as gold.

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June 8, 2018