A room is an interior space for a specific activity:

  • You can get a room at a hotel.
  • Hospitals have rooms for patients.
  • A locker room is a place where athletes change their clothes for sporting events.
  • A dressing room is a place where performers change their clothes for performances.
  • An office is a room in which people do work for a company.

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There are specific rooms in a house.

  • You sleep in a bedroom.
  • A living room or a family room is a place where a family gathers.
  • A dining room is a place to eat meals.
  • A bathroom is a place for cleaning your body.

Facilities for going to the bathroom go by various names:

  • Men use the men’s room.
  • Women use the ladies’ room.
  • There are signs in public places for restrooms. A restroom is a bathroom.
  • Some people call a bathroom a washroom.

The word "room" can also be used when talking about personal space or personal development:

  • A person needs room to grow.
  • I need some room to work here. (I need an area in which to do some work: a desk, a table, floor space.)
  • Give me some room.
  • Do you have enough room to sit down?
  • Let me give you some room.

When the word "room" is used as a verb, it means to share space–a room or an apartment–with another person:

  • Who are you rooming with?
  • Joe says he’s rooming with two other guys next year.
  • Lisa says she’s rooming with some friends when she visits Italy.

The person with whom you share a room or an apartment is called a roommate.

  • Bob has two roommates.
  • Cindy is looking for a couple of roommates for a house.
  • Ted complains about his roommate all the time. He should get a new roommate.

When the word "roomy" is used as an adjective, it means that there is a lot of space.

  • The inside of this car is very roomy.
  • Sophia likes her apartment because it’s so roomy.
  • Hotel suites are popular because guests find them roomy enough for an entire family.

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June 20, 2018