The word "bobble" is a verb that is used when someone drops something or makes a mistake.

  • The player tried to catch the ball, but he bobbled it and it fell to the ground.
  • In the last play of an important football game, the quarterback bobbled the ball when it was tossed to him, resulting in a fumble. (fumble = a "live" ball dropped and available for the opposing team to pick up.)
  • The ball was bobbled and the team lost the game.
  • A waitress bobbled some plates she had picked up from a table. Despite her best efforts to save the plates from falling, they crashed to the ground.
  • When a game show contestant bobbled the answer to a simple question, everyone knew she was going to lose.

A bobblehead is a type of toy or novelty collected by children and adults.

  • Upon entering the baseball stadium, we were given souvenir bobbleheads that resembled some of the players.
  • The people at the meeting looked like a bunch of bobbleheads as they agreed with absolutely everthing their boss had to say.
  • Jerry’s bobblehead collection includes Obama and Clinton bobbleheads.


Obama and Clinton bobbleheads

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March 26, 2018