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To dive is to go below or into something. For example, people might dive into the water when they are swimming.

simplepast past participle
dived or dove

diving into the water

  • Swimmers dive into the water from the side of a pool. (This sentence is in the present tense.)
  • My friend, George, is a very good diver.
  • Sometimes George uses a diving board to dive into the water.
  • Have you ever dived off of a diving board? (This question is in the present perfect tense.)
  • The children dove into the water. (This sentence is in the past tense.)
  • A submarine can dive very deeply below the surface of the water.
  • Scuba diving is a popular activity in areas where the water is warm and clear. (The word "diving" is a gerund in this sentence.)

scuba diving scuba diving

You can also dive under something for protection.

  • When the alarm sounded, everyone dove for cover.

  • Guests at a hotel dived under tables and chairs when they heard gunfire in the lobby.

You can also dive into something that you enjoy or need to do:

  • Sherry is looking forward to diving into a novel she picked up at the library.
  • I can’t wait to dive into this big dish of ice cream.
  • Our accountant needs to dive into the numbers that we gave him to figure out how much of a profit we made last year.
  • Don’t dive too deeply into someone else’s personal business.

When the word "dive" is used as a noun, it has a few different meanings.

  • This place is a dive. (It’s not a very clean place.)
  • Don’t go there. It’s a dive.
  • Jeremy likes going to dive bars on the weekends.
  • The bar we go to has a reputation for being a dive, but that’s why we like it.
  • The basketball team took a dive. (take a dive = try to lose a competition)
  • The fans noticed that the soccer team was taking a dive and started to boo.
  • The boxer was paid over $50,000 to take a dive. (In sports that involve betting, sometimes competitors intentionally lose.)

dive hotel

Everyone knows this hotel is a dive.

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March 4, 2018